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MFOMS Virginia Moebius Meetup 2


On Saturday August 08, 2015, we hosted our 2nd MFOMS Meet Up at Lake Curtis Park in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Approximately 50 people attended from 5 different states. The Meet up would not have been possible without the efforts of Sharon Deveney, Rebecca Maher, and Tim Smith. The event consisted of a Friday night dinner. Saturday cookout, guest speakers, fun & games, and swimming at the lake.  The event ended with an after party at a local eatery. Guest speakers were, Katie Pennycate, Jessica Maher, and Scott Morton. Musical guests were Austin Halls, and Shelby Kennedy. Click on the photos below to view the album.

Jessica Maher

Katie Pennycate

Austin Halls

Scott Morton

Shelby Kennedy

Back to School through the years.

In the late summer of 2015, the Many Faces of Moebius Syndrome started collecting back to school photos and sharing them with the community so we could all watch our amazing children in youths grow into adults. Click on a photo below to view the album. More back to school photos can be found on Facebook

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