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My name is Charlotte Louise Whiley and i have 2 little girls my oldest daughter Sophie was born was Born with Moebius Sydrome.

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Her Story

My pregnancy with Sophie was normal apart from the fact that she was 3 days late, then when she was born the doctors noted little things like her feet and her hands and her very small jaw, then about 4 hours after she was born the doctors told me that Sophie would never walk, talk, move, eat or drink etc.

The doctors did all sorts of blood tests, brain scans etc and could not find anything. When they did a scan on her heart they saw that she had a hole and a ductus on her heart. Since then she has had regular scans on her heart and the hole has closed up.  The ductus is still there and she might have to have a small operation to close it.

I also recently found out that she has a mild form of asthma. They have also tested Sophie for Arthritis because she has problems with her legs.

Despite what the doctors said when she was born Sophie is walking, talking, eating, drinking  and more!! She is in normal school and she is very determined little girl. She knows what she wants and how to get it. She does not like people doing things for her. Sophie was born on the 5th of September 2005

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