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Nath is an individual with Moebius Syndrome living in south west England.

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His Story

I’m Nath 32 from south west of England. I was born in bridgwater in my local hospital Mary Stanley. From the start my mum and family realized that i had a deformity as i was born with clubbed feet and hands and facial muscles weren’t working correctly as i couldn’t feed properly and i believe my mum and grandparents tried several ways to feed me until they came up with the idea of spoon feeding. I had corrective surgery when i was 14 months and stayed in plaster until my 2nd birthday. I was treated very well by the medical staff where i live and owe them a great deal for being fit and health as much as i am today. I progressed through school and never really suffered at the hands of any bullies but did still get the odd name calling or horrid remark. I left school with average grades and went to college to study business and finance and psychology. As i grew into a man i realized things were going to be a bit harder for me as people seemed to judge me on my appearance as a adult more than when i was a child and had great difficult being taken seriously when applying for jobs in everyday life had a rough time of it for a few years but got a lucky break and got myself some work under my belt. I am now a trained gardener but due to the times i am currently working in a warehouse supplying the national health service with medical supplies and sundry. In my personal life i have had some long term relationships and have been married and had some difficulties showing my emotions and expressing my love for the women i loved, a smile can help break the ice so much! I have travelled a fair bit too and been to some far off places and seen some truely amazing sites too. Well i could write loads more but for now that’s a brief overview of my life so fair i hope by writing this it helps others and gives you some inspiration to achieve whatever you want. Much love. Nath

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