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My name is Ron Pimental I’m a 45yr old living with my unwanted roommate, Mobius

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His Story

Through escapism in professional wrestling and bodybuilding, I overcome the awful school years. There’s no sugar coating it: life with Mobius is like living life handcuffed to your worse enemy. You see though: the tears and blood you shed start to congeal into a granite mold, something unbelievable. I used my body to defend myself against the bullies. Slowly they dissipated.

Today I’ve risen through the ranks to become a Program Manager. I oversee the operation of nine group homes for the intellectually impaired. I use my own experiences to make sure that these individuals are provided with the best care possible. No one handed me this position. I worked hard to get here. I also am a volunteer Firefighter/EMT for my town’s department. I also own an online Personal training business.

Mobius parents reading this: please be very careful with your child. It’s a very painful road that child is traveling on. With love, patience, and support they will grow up to become someone great. Push your child. Challenge your child. Do not simply enroll them be a “victim”. Theres no victims here, only survivors. There’s a place out there for them. Enroll them (the ones who are able) in self defense classes. I love the martial arts. It’s not about fighting. It’s about controlling your emotions with the caveat that if you have no other choice, you fight and fight hard. I’m nothing special. I’m just a Mobius survivor who refused to step aside. I thank Tim and the Moebius family for your support.

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